And the winner is…

When did "awkward" become funny? I understand the concept of tragedy over time equals comedy but when did outright awkwardness start getting passed off as comedy? The biggest perpetrators that come to mind are Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, and the biggest of them all Judd Apatow. Comedy to these people comes down to no more than "Look! Something happened that made one or more people uncomfortable so that’s hillarious right?" Awards ceremonies should have a catagory for most awkard film, screenplay, and portrayal. Better yet, just have a catagory for most money made and do away with award ceremonys all together. That’s really all hollywood cares about anymore anyway. Can we get another 15 superhero/comicbook (not "graphic novel") movies while we are at it? Jodie Foster had it right when she likened the crap that hollywood is churning out these days to fracking for oil. Sure there is a big payout at the begining but you end up wrecking the whole planet in the process. We are headed down that road where Idiocracy showed us that the best picture one year will be "Ass". I weep for real film and their inability to get made or be enjoyed.

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