The cost of exchange

I was told we would never run exchange. That was a lie. Not only are we running exchange, we are paying for it being hosted somewhere. It is what it is. Outsourcing something we used to do inhouse? That’s not only dumb, it’s expensive. How expensive you ask? Well at the tune of $5/month/user it doesn’t sound bad… unless you have over 1,300 accounts. Then it amounts to real money. You could hire an email guy and buy him new redundant servers every 3 years and still save money. But the real cost is in the laziness…

What happens when you just deactivate those hosted accounts? Who’s checking on those? Do you suppose the hosting company is just going to not charge for using resources out of the kindness of their heart? I think not. In this particular instance the percentage is 29. That is about $1,800 a month we just piss away because we aren’t watching costs.

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