How do we fail? Let me count the ways.

Companies and more to the point departments come up short in all kinds of ways but I have known few to fail in so many categories all at the same time. It’s a perfect storm but nothing seems to be able to sink this ship. Here are a few brief examples that I will expand upon in future posts.

The List
  • Leadership – Not Present, not accountable, not in the game
  • Documentation (if any) – Dropbox, hope you know what you are looking for
  • Backups – Carbonite (out of date) for laptops. Desktops no real solution in place
  • Inventory control – Spiceworks? Kinda?
  • Server Access – Teamviewer! because no one could EVER hack teamviewer
  • Server Deployment – Virtual Machines!!!! YAY! Running on non redundant hardware.
  • VPN access – open to the world via an obscure port. What could go wrong. What’s that? A known username with a weak password? Give that man a prize!
  • Training – we get table scraps from where ever our boss gets to go. No time blocked or scheduled like in a real company.
  • Workflow – we just handle things the best anyone knows how in the way they have gotten it to work. No real procedures for doing things (see Documentation)

Quite the list and it seems to get longer all the time. God have mercy on our talented but misled souls.

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