“Less than impressed”

That was what my boss’ opinion of a user that called in, at 8am with a problem. I worked on the problem until 10:30 using all the training I have never had on modern domains until my boss shows up grasping at straws…

  • it might be a widespread problem. Check
  • it might be the wireless connection (the one we are using to remote in)
  • we need to connect it to the network with cable.

Then I call back at 11:21 and the user has gone to lunch, my boss is not impressed. 2.5 hours late for work, admittedly under caffeinated when he does, can’t fix the problem, THEN commences casting shade at someone for going to lunch.

Here’s a couple of things YOU might want to try.

  • show up for work on time and ready to work.
  • be assured that I will have tried all the shit you find obvious and possibly wrong as I have been doing this in the private sector and the government for 24 years now.
  • get off your ass, put on acceptable clothing, and drive across town the 7 miles across town so we can stop making multiple calls to the facility.

buuuuut you now tell me you have a meeting at noon. So I hope that user didn’t want to work on anything electronic today.

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