Monday, just like any other day…

Well here we are monday morning. The boss has taken the next two days off (less than 24 hours notice) so we are on our own. Also a cryptic message about another tech needing the day off.


  • My replacement laptop has lost wireless about three five times and BSOD’ed once. It’s replacement that was due to ship last friday has been pushed back 6/29.
  • The mobile management software platform we use for phones, tablets, and laptops… contract has expired and locked us out of the website.
  • There is a problem with an email client on a desktop that keeps forgetting it’s credentials. In someones infinite wisdom, windows and office updates have been turned off. That would be the first thing the manufactures of the software would have us try but I guess someone is smarter than the authors of the software. Unfortunately he is out today.

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