What’s it gonna take?

I have recently been made aware of a professional social media company who has chosen to base their operations 5 miles outside of any city limits and then proceed to complain how they do not get comparible bandwidth (at comparible pricing) as major metro cities with more than 100,000 people in them.

Pointing out the flaw in this logic TO them would be akin to picking a fight with someone who had been recently kicked in the head by a mule, but I will state the obvious here for my own sanity.

  1. You live in the country. You will not have certain things unless you provide them yourself. Such as water and shelter. The fact that you have power and roads, is only because the government was forced to build that infrastructure.

  2. You won’t have high speed internet at the same capacity and price as a major metro because of supply and demand. This person owns a business. They should know better than to take out an ad in the "LGBT, left handed, eskimo gazzette" advertizing their services. Nothing against that set of people. I am sure they are fine upstanding pillars of the community. They are also a very small group of the populous. This is the same reason why the term "fiber to the farm" is not used on a daily basis. Business goes where the money is so business can survive and hopefully grow.

This kind of logic is beyone the scope of someone who lives in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors, understanding little or nothing of economic, and expects the same services at the same pricing as someone who lives in a major metro.

I should really ask them about the public transit situation where they live to 🙂

Thanks for reading.