Call it what it is…

Returning from a event called "TechBrew", I now understand it should be called BizBrew. here was little to no tech, no talk OF tech, and only a talk of how it can be made viable in the future now that they have lost their affiliation with the Technology Association of Iowa (TIA).

No talk of any technology outside of the use of Facebook was even brought up. There was a mention about getting a tax ID and how to accomplish that and that person was immediately offered help from the local business incubator.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all about fostering business, technology, and the next generation of leaders. I just don’t thing a bunch of people standing in a room drinking beer under the guise of "tech" are going to get that done.

The next generation of leaders (tech and otherwise) are currently working non tech jobs to pay the rent, keep the heat on, and buy gas for the cars they can afford… not standing in a room where you have to be 21 or older with grey haired people wearing ties talking about anything BUT technology.

I hope TechBrew finds its identity and stops masquerading as a haven for technology.