You mean I still have to pay for my gym membership?

Well it finally happened. "Someone" figured out that we still pay for hosted exchange accounts even though they are disabled. Just like….a gym membership. Except this gym membership is around $2,000 a month. No biggie?

Should we delete the accounts? YES! YES! a thousand times YES! We however have no documented procedures on when to delete an account. Sounds like someone should be writing up a procedure that is costing the company money for the past….oh….48 months. Oh well.

too busy to take care of emergencies

Well we all took a tounge lashing because everyone was either too busy doing their job or opted not to drive our cars until they ruined themselves.

Now we have to clear any off the road time for vehicle maintenance with our boss. Not that he really answers his email in a timely manor or is available via chat, but now he needs to know more about what we are doing to our personal vehicles that we have to use for company business.

I really struggled not asking him if we were in such dire straits, could he either take care of it himself, or arrange a company car to deal with this so called emergency. Well that’s what someone who knew what they were doing would have done.