Prove me wrong…

Is it just me or is "Prove me wrong" just a cry for validation and attention of the millenial? It is a socially acceptable way of saying "validate me" now that mommy and/or daddy no longer scratch that itch. It opens up a dialog in the verbal equivilant of "Come at me bro" starts physically.

And the winner is…

When did "awkward" become funny? I understand the concept of tragedy over time equals comedy but when did outright awkwardness start getting passed off as comedy? The biggest perpetrators that come to mind are Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, and the biggest of them all Judd Apatow. Comedy to these people comes down to no more than "Look! Something happened that made one or more people uncomfortable so that’s hillarious right?" Awards ceremonies should have a catagory for most awkard film, screenplay, and portrayal. Better yet, just have a catagory for most money made and do away with award ceremonys all together. That’s really all hollywood cares about anymore anyway. Can we get another 15 superhero/comicbook (not "graphic novel") movies while we are at it? Jodie Foster had it right when she likened the crap that hollywood is churning out these days to fracking for oil. Sure there is a big payout at the begining but you end up wrecking the whole planet in the process. We are headed down that road where Idiocracy showed us that the best picture one year will be "Ass". I weep for real film and their inability to get made or be enjoyed.

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What’s it gonna take?

I have recently been made aware of a professional social media company who has chosen to base their operations 5 miles outside of any city limits and then proceed to complain how they do not get comparible bandwidth (at comparible pricing) as major metro cities with more than 100,000 people in them.

Pointing out the flaw in this logic TO them would be akin to picking a fight with someone who had been recently kicked in the head by a mule, but I will state the obvious here for my own sanity.

  1. You live in the country. You will not have certain things unless you provide them yourself. Such as water and shelter. The fact that you have power and roads, is only because the government was forced to build that infrastructure.

  2. You won’t have high speed internet at the same capacity and price as a major metro because of supply and demand. This person owns a business. They should know better than to take out an ad in the "LGBT, left handed, eskimo gazzette" advertizing their services. Nothing against that set of people. I am sure they are fine upstanding pillars of the community. They are also a very small group of the populous. This is the same reason why the term "fiber to the farm" is not used on a daily basis. Business goes where the money is so business can survive and hopefully grow.

This kind of logic is beyone the scope of someone who lives in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors, understanding little or nothing of economic, and expects the same services at the same pricing as someone who lives in a major metro.

I should really ask them about the public transit situation where they live to 🙂

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Call it what it is…

Returning from a event called "TechBrew", I now understand it should be called BizBrew. here was little to no tech, no talk OF tech, and only a talk of how it can be made viable in the future now that they have lost their affiliation with the Technology Association of Iowa (TIA).

No talk of any technology outside of the use of Facebook was even brought up. There was a mention about getting a tax ID and how to accomplish that and that person was immediately offered help from the local business incubator.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all about fostering business, technology, and the next generation of leaders. I just don’t thing a bunch of people standing in a room drinking beer under the guise of "tech" are going to get that done.

The next generation of leaders (tech and otherwise) are currently working non tech jobs to pay the rent, keep the heat on, and buy gas for the cars they can afford… not standing in a room where you have to be 21 or older with grey haired people wearing ties talking about anything BUT technology.

I hope TechBrew finds its identity and stops masquerading as a haven for technology.


I seem to have figured out that all things being equal, the following is most often true.

  1. People preforming the work that require resources will recommend spending any amount of money to make sure there is no duplication of labor as long as it doesn’t cut into what they earn.

  2. People approving such expenditures only care about what something initially costs and disregard the duplication of labor as long as it doesn’t reflect poorly on them or affect what they earn or both.

A new Challenge

Well turns out I get new duties (another job) but no more pay nor perks. Oh well. Twenty five years in IT and I now find myself at the top of a ladder with power tools doing something that the people who manage me cannot do.

You mean I still have to pay for my gym membership?

Well it finally happened. "Someone" figured out that we still pay for hosted exchange accounts even though they are disabled. Just like….a gym membership. Except this gym membership is around $2,000 a month. No biggie?

Should we delete the accounts? YES! YES! a thousand times YES! We however have no documented procedures on when to delete an account. Sounds like someone should be writing up a procedure that is costing the company money for the past….oh….48 months. Oh well.

too busy to take care of emergencies

Well we all took a tounge lashing because everyone was either too busy doing their job or opted not to drive our cars until they ruined themselves.

Now we have to clear any off the road time for vehicle maintenance with our boss. Not that he really answers his email in a timely manor or is available via chat, but now he needs to know more about what we are doing to our personal vehicles that we have to use for company business.

I really struggled not asking him if we were in such dire straits, could he either take care of it himself, or arrange a company car to deal with this so called emergency. Well that’s what someone who knew what they were doing would have done.

“Less than impressed”

That was what my boss’ opinion of a user that called in, at 8am with a problem. I worked on the problem until 10:30 using all the training I have never had on modern domains until my boss shows up grasping at straws…

  • it might be a widespread problem. Check
  • it might be the wireless connection (the one we are using to remote in)
  • we need to connect it to the network with cable.

Then I call back at 11:21 and the user has gone to lunch, my boss is not impressed. 2.5 hours late for work, admittedly under caffeinated when he does, can’t fix the problem, THEN commences casting shade at someone for going to lunch.

Here’s a couple of things YOU might want to try.

  • show up for work on time and ready to work.
  • be assured that I will have tried all the shit you find obvious and possibly wrong as I have been doing this in the private sector and the government for 24 years now.
  • get off your ass, put on acceptable clothing, and drive across town the 7 miles across town so we can stop making multiple calls to the facility.

buuuuut you now tell me you have a meeting at noon. So I hope that user didn’t want to work on anything electronic today.

Is it hot in here or does anyone care?

Well when the a/c unit in the server room broke before the remodel, no one seemed to care. Leave the door open. Fixed right? Well we are almost done with the remodel and now the server room a/c is still broken but the a/c for the building is not working properly. Leaving the door open doesn’t really do much for keeping the revenue generating servers cool enough to keep operating if it gets too hot. I guess we are burning bridges on a "as we get to them" basis.